Monday, September 14, 2009

Week 1 is Over!

Wow, that went by quick. I just want to comment on a few games.

Steelers / Titans game. The game went down to the wire I was hoping the Titans would pull it off but the Steelers took it. Loved it when Hines Ward tryed to play hero and fumbled the ball on the 4 yard line.

Patriots / Bills - I really thought the Bills took this one, I was LMAO when the Bills got that touchdown in the 4th qt and 5:13 on the board. Fans leaving the stadium and Tom Brady on the sidelines with that dumb F*$k look on his face.. I even wrote on my facebook that the Patriots would lose. Yeah yeah.. I ended up eating my words. However, I don't deny that Brady bunch found his mojo at the end of the game. But he would have never had the opportunity if Leodis Mckelvin decides not to take the ball out or protects the ball a little more and goes down on the kickoff return. Just a note Tom Brady looks pretty normal without spygate.

Raiders/ Chargers .. This time I didn't say anything and hoped that the Raiders would finally beat the Chargers. Again.. wrong. Chargers came down and scored a TD almost too easy and won the game in the 4th. My note on this game, Jamarcus Russell needs to step it up his accuracy sucks. Lets be fair he is no Trent Edwards or Joe Flacco yet he gets paid more and started the same year. I know it is only the first game but 30 attempts and only 12 completions that is horrible. I hope the Raiders don't regret cutting Garcia.

49ers/Cardinals: Did 49ers really beat them in their own house. I wasn't totally shocked but I was disappointed in the Cardinals. I get the feeling they came out thinking that the 49ers were going to just bow down to them.

Broncos / Bengals: Another defensive game and was decided on the last freak play of the game (well almost last). I just had to feel bad for the Bengals they had it locked up and the expressions on their face at the end of the game said it all.

Lions - 0-1 Please win a game so you can just shut commentators up.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Update - Another Knucklehead!

All I can say is "wow" now you can take your dumb ass dance to jail. There should be zero tolerance for abuse. We live in a era that gives you so many options other than resorting to violence. So, before you loose control ask yourself. Is it worth it? Let me help you with the answer "NO". I could care less if you are unemployed and don't make a dime, abusing someone is a waste of your time! Period. Just ask Chris Brown.
But lets examine.. You have an 11 Million dollar contract, your a high draft pick, and you blow it, because you can't keep it in your pants. Smart.. Yeah this is the same Merrimonkey that got busted on Steroids. What gets me is that he will probably do a few days of jail time, get a slap in the wrist of 4 games suspension. For abusing a woman. Great.. Does he get stiffer punishments if he abused a dog?
What is it with these athletes? You think they would make smarter decisions. They make more money than most of us will make in our careers. They play in a sport that most of us only dream about. But yet I just can not for the life of me understand how they could make such a bone head move. I think I will save the rest of my comments, but this is a crime that should not go unpunished and I believe Mr. Merriman needs to recognize this is something that is very serious and there are serious consequences.
If you would like to donate to violence against women please visit: or a womens shelter in your neighborhood.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Preseason is finally over!!

I got 2 complaints before I get started:

First thing is first, can someone please tell the NFL network to hire a better advertising manger. I am so sick of there pathetic Golden Corral commercials, and Tim Mcgraw harping about the opening game. They play that crap every time they break for commercials and sometimes twice in the same break.. ugggghh!!

On my flight back from Seattle I was thinking about Oregon Ducks LeGarrette Blount sucker punch on Byron Hout of Boise State. What is it with these guys? I know this is in the college level but that attitude and conduct gets carried over into the professional level. There are many examples, from Plaxico "shoot myself in the leg" Burress, to Coach "I will knock your lights out" Cable. Control People - Control. Your anger and fear is your greatest enemy not your opponent.

I think I am preaching to the choir - so let me move on.

I have to say that I am not impressed at all with what I seen from the Raiders, KC, Bills, Cleveland. They still look like they are dazed and confused. Where as teams like Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Patriots, and San Diego look pretty damn good. I am sure you will see these teams in the post season. So just for kicks I added a pole. I will put each division up and you vote who you think will be the division winner at the end of the season. Yes voting will probably run into regular season but that's okay.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Talk About Loyalty

Now that Preseason week 2 is over, I just wanted to get a quick overview and watch all the games before I started blogging away. Last week ended with all the Brett Favre fiasco and I started thinking about this and thought it is kind of sad. I mean what happened to the days when you said Lawrence Taylor and you thought? or Joe Montana and thought? It's kind of sad what the days of Free Agency has brought. What are people going to think years from today about T.O. - I mean really, think about it. Yeah TO the clown that played for a number of teams and never won a Superbowl with any. It's sad to see this. It's almost as if a team or player looses their identity. Players come in and out. Ron Curry I guy I met and knew as a Oakland Raider is now playing for the St. Louis Rams, Dominc Rhodes - Played a good game in the Superbowl with the Colts, is now a Carolina Panther after a few other teams in between. Albert Haynesworth, 7 years with the Titans is now a Washington Redskin and I think it is a sad sight to see him march out with the Redskins. Not because the Skins are a disgracefully team, it is because he had identity with the Titans. The list goes on and on.. Take it there are a few players out there that you can hope will ride the wave with their team such as Payton Manning, Tom Brady, Brian Urlacher, and Ben Roethlisberger.. to name a few but one never knows...

I think it would be hard to stomach Tom Brady as a Raider. On the same token it must have been hard for Green Bay fans to stomach Brett Favre as a Viking. Then for him to make the statement "a true fan would understand" ... Excuse me? I think it was taken personally by Green Bay fans and the Team. Watch the game against the Bills. The fans came out in full force, they had signs reading "Brett who" . Aaron Rogers threw for 200yards and 3 touchdowns and only played half the Game. The Defense turned the ball over 5 times. The Bills looked like cub scouts and going into the locker room with their tails between their legs at the half. Being outscored 24 to 0.. That's right as in NADA. T.O. had no part of it and I don't think he would have made a difference if he did. I think they heard those NFL Network analyst say that Minnesota will be the team to beat.. Yes it was a preseason game but I think they were making a statement - players and fans.

On the other side you had the Vikings, with Brett being tossed into the game. My guess was for a marketing scheme. Because Shame on Brad Childress for putting Favre out there. I just heard he will be playing half of the next game against Arizona as well. Shame, Shame! If you wanted to get his feet wet you should have just put him out there to hand off a few balls, and then take a seat. Because Kansas City came after him and put a hit on Brett. He threw as if he didn't know his ass from his elbow. I just hope he does not get injured in the next preseason game. Then all he will have is shattered dreams of him going out in glory.

It's unfortunate that the game has come to this, Greed. No bones about it. Loyalty, commodore, and team Identity have all been thrown out the window. Greed let's buy another billion dollar stadium, Greed lets sign another 60Million dollar contract.. Greed

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Preseason - Preseason- Preseason

I know it is a long haul from Feb. 1st to Aug 9th HOF game.. 6 long horrible months, and there wasn't even Arena football this year :(

So for the big football fans like myself we tend to get carried away in the games. I mean don't get me wrong I loved the fact that the Raiders beat the Cowboys. I just hope the Cowboys don't return the favor during regular season in Dallas. Some teams look good and organized while others still look dazed and confused like the Kansas City Chiefs. But again no weight should be held with these pre-season games. No one knows what happens until the bell for regular season begins.

I recall my first year with the Raiders, I was very excited and pumped because the Raiders Where playing in the HOF game, John Madden got inducted into the HOF, and Art Shell was named head Coach of the Oakland Raiders. I was beyond myself I mean what else could possibly go wrong? So on we go!! We played the Eagles in the HOF game and Win.. Ugly but hey a win is a win dammit. Then on to play Minnesota.. another ugly win .. Then we played San Francisco at home - yep pre-season battle of the bay, lots of fans- lots of excitement even for a preseason game. We beat them 23-7 and all hell broke loose. Calls were coming in, I was so busy with fans wanting to sign up, "the silver & black are back" one fan said. Signs went up all over the building from booster clubs. Claiming Art Shell is back, "BRING BACK THE NASTY" .. It gets better, we play the Lions and beat them 21-3 that whole week was busy I worked easy 12 -13 hour days and lunch was being brought in for us. I remember telling a few of my fellow workers that Seattle should give me a gauge as to where the team stood. So on to Seattle! Well ... it was 20 - 7 at the half, we lost that game 30 -7. Thinking back that was a Thursday night game, and I was in the office. It was a quiet night to say the least. Maybe the calm before the storm? The Nasty was about to come back and not the kind the fans talked about .. We opened up our season on 9/11/2006 that should have been a warning - Monday Night Football on ESPN- yeah it's all downhill from here. We got spanked on National TV by the Chargers. That had to be one of the toughest times for me not only as a fan but as part of the team. Reality hit and it hit hard but it was not until the end of the season that it all sunk in. We only won 2 games that year.

So before you go a hootin an a hollering about your team during preseason.. Take a seat, enjoy the game, and just look for the up and coming rookies and players battling for position. Beyond that Preseason doesn't mean a thing.

The Rumors are fun too.. I wonder if Coach Cable punched out his assistant coach- I was like Wow that's a page right out of Bill Romanowski's "how to punch a player" book.

Til next time all - enjoy week 2 preseason games

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Preseason, Madden 2010 and M. Vick.

Wow, certainly a lot to talk about. I am sure everyone seen the Oakland Raiders Slam the Dallas Cowboys 31-10. Okay okay it's preseason and no need to get worked up. But (here is my commercial for the Raiders) If you don't have your season tickets or any ticket plan for that matter you need to give them a call at 1-800-Raiders. I would recomend a few Reps. but they all are very good! Now that being said if you are a fan of an opposing team and you plan to come out to see your team play the Raiders .. Call the 800 number and they can get you a group rate or let you know options on single game tickets.

Other News
Looks like Tom Brady bunch is back at it lets see how far the Pats get this year.

Michael Vick is now an Eagle .. this ought to be interesting, let's see how the season pans out with Mcnabb VS. Vick

Did the Skins really score no points?

Why - why... why is Darren Mcfadden always getting caught on the long runs.. I guess BO knows..

Madden 2010

I went out a 1AM on Friday morning and bought my copy. Played for about 6 hours. If you have been a long time buyer of Madden you will like this one. It is a lot of fun and the menus are very easy to use. Online play like always a blast, but the online options this year are very nice, I was not able to try them all but it's nice to see more options.

Game play, just a few notes here. Fumbling the ball in the pile, you actually get a chance to fight for the ball by hitting a series of buttons in order to win the pile struggle.. very cool addition. speed I thought was just about right this time not overly fast but not sluggish like 2006 version. I could go on about more but you can probably get a better review on the details on IGN. But for my take it is a fun game and worth getting.

The few complaints: The music is horrible all those rock songs with the whining guitar can drive you crazy sometimes. Unless of course you are into that. Half time review is a little long and the voice is a little robotic. Main menu picture is of the Troy Polamalu and Larry Fitzgerald.. and I could not find an option to change that. I mean kind of sucks if your a Cincy fan you would probably want a picture of former Cincy WR TJ Houshmandzadeh (pronouced TJ who's your mama) whipping his shoes with a terrible towel. LOL

Fun Factor: 9 (unless your the wife)
Graphics: 9
Presentation and ease of use: 8
Music: 3

That's my thoughts. please write your comments Enjoy the games today. There is plenty more too come.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's 11:30 PM and I am upset because I thought Madden 2010 was out today and I was wrong.. Guess I will have to wait until Friday- Woo HOO. I will be sure to give you my take on Madden plus my thoughts on the franchise.

Thought for today.. Boston Cream Cake. UMM I have a big sweet tooth ask anyone of my relatives or any of my former co-workers at the Raiders. They all knew where to get the sweets from. I was in the store today, and took a look at this wonderful Boston Cream Cake. I got to say that out of all the cakes I enjoy .. this is by far my favorite. Well just looking at this I imagined all the joy it would give me. To take it home open it up and to first get a smell of that wonderful chocolate. I would then take a knife and cut out a piece.. just cutting it gives me a preview of how moist the cake is.. I put on my plate, I then slice into it with my fork and put it into my mouth and the flavors of chocolate , cream and cake.. bring this magnificent flavor and feeling. It's like being in Disneyland.. That's where the dream stops because I realize that after I enjoy my slice the rest ends up in the fridge and 50% of it gets waisted. Yes I enjoy it but It's too much for one person since I am the only one that enjoy's it in my house.. Well Chester can't have any he's my dog.. and I don't give chocolate to my dog..... what the heck does this have to do with the NFL? Good question and glad you asked. Take a good look at the league and think about what all these teams that draft players, or get a high caliber free agent.. Everything sizzles and seems to be the piece they are looking for. The problem is it's not always the fastest 40 time, the strongest one, the biggest arm or the one that can leap tall buildings in a single bounce that become a Hall of Famer or Legends.. Look at Ryan Leaf A huge amount of talent in college but is considered one of the biggest bust in the NFL. Now time out this isn't bash Ryan Leaf... His talent was recognized and was drafted 2nd in the first round pick in 98 to the San Diego Chargers. Some experts already known about his maturity problems. Big question here is where is the thought process behind the picks? Yes it all looks good on paper, it feels right, and this could be the win all answer.. But because this was one persons favorite cake.. they took a gamble on it and well we all know the rest of the story. Take a look at the best teams out now, and see how this applies, it's always the ones that take the time to not only see the talent but the chemistry to make the team. As we all heard before it is a team sport and individuals stand out more when they believe in the system and the team plays as a unit.

I guess that's why they say "you can't have your cake and eat it too"